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From the great passion of art and poetry, is born the prestigious line of our jewelry. The propulsive basic idea of this production is of transferring the artist's work in a precious jewel made for wearing, so an art lived by oneself: a "wearing art", where everybody feels the emotion of becoming part of an exclusive work of art.

Thanks to the passion for Van Gogh's painting and our creativity, we decide to apply the art of miniature on enamel to jewelry. The first works are born as small and precious Van Gogh's arts in silver, painted and enameled, created by hand one by one.

We, therefore, create only very limited series; in this case, each piece presents slight differences, just to be absolutely unique! Art, creativity and fantastic stories come to life in the numerous jewelry collections. 

They are pendants, bracelets, necklaces with a common theme: art, poetry, and nature which make up a magical world with an always personal language. Inspired by these, in fact, we create small artisan masterpieces every day. 

In a world full of energy, vitality, and the family atmosphere our company grows and develops new lines of jewelry, new ideas, and new inspirations. Our style begins to conquer with its unique language made of craftsmanship, creativity, and dedication.

The silver continues to shine in an alternation of colors, precious stones and ideas. The skilled hands of silversmiths, miniaturists and jewelry designers tell a story of passion, creativity, and technique that is written day after day.